Once upon a time there was a little baby girl who was crying and the only think that can cheer her up was a piece of paper and a simple pencil. 
She was growing and drawing ,traveling and collecting like a bee impressions from the world . Experimenting with different art materials,following her heart beating and never gave up. 
- What it was ?
 - I don't know, the power of art .
 She is still here ,often working in her beautiful garden to get energy from the mother earth and expressing it over big hand made papers with her inventions in techniques and art materials. 
The time was flying and she get married ,she gave birth to a boy and a girl . The most amazing artistic creatures . She promised to herself ,that she will remain an artist with the power of a women who will have mission to care for her children and the environment . She thought that art have mission and is her way of communication, the fight against  plastic and the pollution in the oceans. Well, her story is continuing!