My art works - music ,sounds and movement!

 I am deeply obsessed with music ,since my childhood! My intention as an artist is to feel the sounds in the pallet range and the strong colors. I would love to hear the music and the movement in my compositions! I was working each art work in a specific period of time,due to the technique that is not allowing you to work fast!. I cut many musicians from metal ,I observed many concerts with live performances. My aim is to catch the movement and spirit of music and musicians! It's a privilege to work in layers with the ancient technique ''Suminagashi '',the japanese technique discovered in 12th Century.I am expressing the colors over the surface of the water with paints made by me! The size of my paper is really big 120 /90 sm. I am working over Hahne muller paper!
Music and sounds

Original art ,Suminagashi ,monotype size 120/90sm.


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