Sometimes less is more

"When you are an artist, the world around you is so interesting, people their relationships, plants, animals, infinite space called the universe! Artist constantly thinking and working!
I thought of time of speed, vanity,
I want the light to draw, I dig my body in the metals and started the jigsaw to arrange!
I came up with scissors and thousands scattered metals,
sometimes I lost ,but tirelessly the pictures get appear !
I want the light to draw, for pureness and whiteness I longed,
Ocean symbols, goddess creatures I tried to transform.
And here it is  The new variegated game begins, the beauty of the butterflies and  birds provoking me with its exotic, to be colorful and unusual  in the game!
The leftovers from the oldest pictures get alive!
My paintings are created from copper plates and scrap pieces, some of them are parts of old works, I decided to spoil and re-create!
The beauty of printmaking  paper is incredible ,so I was of need of nothing else.


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